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8 Online Coupon Tips for People Just Like You

1. Get rid of your ideas about couponing.
Modern couponing isn’t your grandma’s favorite Saturday morning activity and doesn’t
involve scissors and tiny newspaper clippings anymore. These days, online couponing is
as easy as one, two, click.

2. Never pay full price.
Don’t make us say it twice. Almost any retailer provides online discount codes or runs
sales for you to take advantage of. They’re still making a profit, and you’re still getting
an amazing deal. Why pay more if you don’t need to?

3. Utilize coupons each and every time you shop.
It may not be second-nature yet, but you can (and should) always have sales on the
brain, because you can find promotions for just about anything.
It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering groceries online or finding the best tax service for
your household, always be on the lookout for a coupon code. You’ll usually find one.

4. Promo codes can come from anywhere.

Not all brands send discount codes just by email-you can find promos via a variety of
different sources. Whether it’s that mattress company advertising on your favorite
podcast, food delivery services marketing to hungry train commuters, or existing
customers providing referral codes, online coupons can come from even unlikely
Keep your eyes peeled, or let coupon experts do it for you.

5. Write down your savings for motivation.
Couponing can be simple, but sometimes you just want to click “purchase” and be done.
To avoid falling back into full-price habits, make a record of your dollar-amount savings
every time you score a great deal.
You’ll be shocked and impressed by how easy it is to save a lot of cash. Plus, it’s fun to
watch those dollars add up.

6. Keep track of recurring sales patterns
Ever notice how “Friends and Family” sales are becoming more and more frequent? What
about those “these never happen” 40 percent off storewide online sales? As it turns out,
even online stores run sales on a steady schedule.
If you frequently shop at a few particular stores, you may already have started to notice this
theme. If not, keep track for a month. You’ll quickly find the best times to shop for the
maximum possible discounts.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for more.
Many online stores have gotten sales-savvy, and generic form-fill promo codes sometimes can’t
be combined with existing sales. Companies rely on the fact that online shoppers are
creatures of convenience who will happily follow the rules.
Pro tip: you don’t have to. If you’re shopping online and you want to try to score a deeper
discount, try giving customer service a call. Phone representatives often wield more
power than online checkout forms. If you ask nicely, they can sometimes override
coupon restrictions to help you save even more.

8. Become an extreme couponer.
The first rule of extreme couponing is: you do not talk about couponing. (Just kidding.)
This is the top-tier of the coupon hierarchy and involves a little bit of commitment, but it
can pay off bigtime. The first real rule is, don’t buy anything if it’s not on sale. The
second rule is, don’t buy anything if you don’t have a promo code. With a little
discipline, your savings game will become second nature.
Combine those two rules for savings on top of savings, and you’ll become an online
discount master in no time.